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Ball If I Want To

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  • Длительность: 01:52
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  • Дата релиза: 18.06.2021
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Dababy - Ball If I Want To
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Dababy - Ball If I Want To
Текст песни
If I want, want, want to

Bitch it ain't even my birthday but I can ball if I want to (Ball)
Pull out foreign cars if I want to
Hop out that bitch with that iron in my jumpsuit (Go)
Just do what I say and I love you, k
I get this shit from my uncle
I told bae get 22 inches of weave tonight I wanna fuck a repunzel
Ain't fucking her right you ain't pulling her hair

Bitch ass n***a, legs on the side yeah
I fuck her, let's get in the chair
When she throw that ass back I say yeah
I fuck around get on the PJ tomorrow
And put that bitch up in the air
Fly that bitch up outta LA to Charlotte
To pick up my barber to come cut my hair
Cuz I'm having it n***a