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Imagine Dragons

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  • Длительность: 04:04
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  • Дата релиза: 02.07.2021
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Imagine Dragons - Wrecked
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Imagine Dragons - Wrecked
Текст песни
Days pass by and my eyes stay dry and I think that I'm okay
'Til I find myself in conversation fading away
The way you smile, the way you walk
The time you took to teach me all that you had taught
Tell me, how am I supposed to move on?

These days I'm becoming everything that I hate
Wishing you were around, but now it's too late
My mind is a place that I can't escape your ghost
Sometimes I wish that I could wish it all away
One more rainy day without you
Sometimes I wish that I could see you one more day
One more rainy day

Oh, I'm a wreck without you here
Yeah, I'm a wreck since you've been gone
I've tried to put this all behind me
I think I was wrecked all along
Yeah, I'm a wreck