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G-Eazy, Chris Brown, Mark Morrison

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  • Качество: 320 kbps
  • Длительность: 03:06
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  • Дата релиза: 05.02.2021
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G-Eazy, Chris Brown, Mark Morrison - Provide
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G-Eazy, Chris Brown, Mark Morrison - Provide
Текст песни
Woah I'm just sayin' come on
You know who you are haha ooh, yeah It's a vibe

It's the return of the mack, RIP to Furl
I promise you ain't nothin' like these LA girls
And we can sip slurricane listin' to Earl
Who knew we'd bring the Bay to the world?

Love letters to you hit different than any shit that I wrote
I sent flowers to your office, hope you get the note
I put an inside joke between us right there in the quote
I'll sing your praises all day, I'll hit the Whitney note

'Cause you're my queen, all that I need, yadadamean
Radiohead and rainbows, ultralight beams
This wordplay's more like tennis, don't need a team
It's just me and you and it's everything that it seems, for real

Ooh, just vibe with me
Come on, let's do some things we never do
Switch sides, get dry
So what? So what? I need
Don't turn down now
Tell me if you need a timeout
Girl, it's just you and us, baby
Rollin' up, baby, you playin'
Just vibe, yeah

Know you feel boxed in, let me get you out your mind frame
Just know I'm serious, I ain't into playin' mind games
We could go rounds, I wanna eat it like a entrée
Favorite position, I be hittin' that all kinda ways
You throw it back, I spent ten stacks, I feel like Andre

You into zodiacs? Girl, tell me what your sign say
Won't take your love for granted, it could all be gone today
Let's get away, tuck off, way out in Monterey
You said you scared of heights, but I know you ain't scared to ride

Come where I reside, pull them panties to the side
F#ckin' when you mad, make me love when we collide