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Masked Wolf
Astronaut In The Ocean

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  • Качество: 320 kbps
  • Длительность: 02:12
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  • Дата релиза: 21.01.2021
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Masked Wolf - Astronaut In The Ocean
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Masked Wolf - Astronaut In The Ocean
Текст песни
What you know about rolling down in the deep?
When your brain goes numb you can call that mental freeze
When these people talk too much, put that shit in slow motion, yeah
I feel like an astronaut in the ocean, ay

She say that I'm cool, I'm like yeah that's true
I believe in G-O-D, don't believe in T-H-O-T
She keep playing me dumb I'ma play her for fun
Y'all don't really know my mental

Lemme give you the picture like stencil
Fallin' out, in a drought, no flow, right words, I'm pouring down
See that pain was all around, see my mode was kinda lounge
Didn't know which which-way to turn

Flow was cool but I still felt burnt
Energy up, you can feel my surge
I'ma kill everything like this purge
Let's just get this straight for a second, I'ma work

Everything that I do is electric
I'ma keep it inner motion, keep it movin' like kinetic, ay
Put this shit in a frame but I know I don't blame
Every day that I say, 'Man I seen you deflate'