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Ksi, Lil Wayne

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  • Длительность: 03:25
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  • Дата релиза: 06.08.2021
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Ksi, Lil Wayne - Lose
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Ksi, Lil Wayne - Lose
Текст песни
I'm gon' need therapy
'Cause you're not here with me
Light me up like amphetamines, yeah
I don't do guarantees
I, I, I-I
Wish I could lie

You got me fallin' thinkin' of you
But that's the one thing I shouldn't do
I, I, know the truth
I, I, know that you're just one more thing to lose

Uh, she loves me, she loves me not
Patience, I'm runnin' out
Walkin' all over me, made me a stompin' ground
Baby, you fucked around, gave me the run-around
Makin' me wonder how crazy and dumb I sound
Takin' me up and down, baby, I'm comin' down
I'ma need some extermination, I'm buggin' out
Stay for another round, bad bitch, she come around
She gon' have me turnin' in my grave when I'm underground
Sore loser, I saw you with her and my heart almost threw up
Don't shoot her, don't talk to her
There's plenty fish in the sea and I miss your bitch
Like my cute thing, you got me fallin' for you
With no wings on, no parachute
Bring a star back for you
They say love's a lost art
I draw that for you and I fall back for you