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  • Длительность: 03:26
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  • Дата релиза: 07.08.2021
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Nas - Rare
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Nas - Rare
Текст песни
Uh, musically I'm on Mars
Walkin' all over the beat, puttin' my feet on the stars
I rock it like Lenny, thinkin' like Jimi the first time he seen a guitar
Standin' in front of where they shot Ahmaud and said we gotta know who we are
Uh, I'm in rare form Rare form
Wearin' rare Jordans straight from Air Jordan, this a fair warnin'
Too many young gods beef over nothin'
When you get money, you know that it's comin'
Sayin' they homies, but they ain't a hunnid
We the most hunted, uh
I got my Mets hat on to the back
Y'all already know where we goin' with the stacks
Hall of fame only, kings and queens only
They all be grabbin' my style but you know they can't hold me
Yeah, I'm in rare form (Rare form)
Y'all still on the ground, you know I've been airborne
Studyin' Big, studyin' Nietzsche
You gotta call in a chopper to reach me
Homie, I don't need a jeweler to freeze me
Ice in my veins, I make it look easy
Mentally, I'm in Queens
More money more problems, you gotta be ready for all that it brings
Let 'em say what they say, revenge on my plate, I'm lovin' the taste
They see you shinin', emotions get hard to contain
They just not evolvin' the same
Me and HB is too rare
I'm movin' all through the snares, sound on billionaire
Ain't nothin' changed, I'm flippin' the page
I'm Prince on the stage, SLAVE on his face
You know what they say, KD the wave
I'm stayin' rare for all of my days All of my days, Braveheart, Braveheart