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Nas Is Good

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  • Длительность: 02:19
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  • Дата релиза: 07.08.2021
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Nas - Nas Is Good
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Nas - Nas Is Good
Текст песни
Touch up the game like a photo edit
Camera roll like Oscar Michaeux, they gotta roll the credits
Like Rome came into Kemet and they stole the essence
Before they watered it down and taught us bogus lessons
Written in stone, write whatever in your history books
Me and ancient Egyptian skin tone had similar looks
On my trip out to Cairo, I felt home on arrival
I swam in the Red Sea, took a boat on thе Nile
It's in my blood to drive thesе cars and live this large
Escobar cigars avoiding the prison bars, Nas
I deserve the threads in my closet
Big boy deposits, Nike shares and stock tips
Catching up with those who had a head start
Used to get eviction notices that had a red mark
The lights was out, that's why we sip dark
Acting a fool at the pool in Queensbridge Park
Niggas would not survive in my hood
Pull up with all of my jewels on and Nas is good
Nas is good
My nigga, Nas is good