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Nas - Moments
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Nas - Moments
Текст песни
I never met Muhammed Ali, wish I did
My brother saw him, champ told him nothing is real
Gave me the chills, thought about it, that's how I feel
We on autopilot, no captain behind the wheel
My whole career, I steered away from features
But I figured it's perfect timing to embrace new leaders
Accepted my position as the master teacher
I make cash deposits before the first
Flashy diamonds that's waterworks
Sassy models thе curviest
Brothers you knew from thе sandbox'll do you the dirtiest
Government assistance, poverty is big business
Overrun the Senate, both parties got policies built for the wicked
Look you in the jungle, you gotta move like an animal
Prey on the predators, go where anybody that challenge you
Board rooms, courtrooms, it will leave you with war wounds
I ain't wanna be this cold hearted but I was forced to
Wore my sneakers like Run-DMC did
Important to black culture like Spike Lee is
He Got Game, I wish my mom could see this
See the man that he is, moments you can't relive