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Nas, Hit-Boy

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  • Длительность: 03:23
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  • Дата релиза: 07.08.2021
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Nas, Hit-Boy - Composure
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Nas, Hit-Boy - Composure
Текст песни
Aye, look
Vote yes on Hit-Boy bitch I'm the city spokesman
They see we got this shit crackin' and now they spirit broken
I'm standin' on the green like the British Open
And stackin' ice on top of ice but I'm not building snowmen
Doctors couldn't even detect my disorders
One case, six figures on six different lawyers
I put my soul in every song with limited support
Focused on the output not the outcome big God is my source
Spirit of excellence in my genetics
Complexities come with my complexion
'Fore you shut me down let me reach my level first
Y'all be too proud to do the devil's work
All that actin' and fakin' I can't take part in it
I'm washin' my hands with the soap opera shit
Set the cameras to speed, co-directed KD
But we know the caged bird sings and screams when it's free
Every second I spit on this I got it back in blessings
You can't stop and run no errands on the way to legend

They shoulda told em I'm raising up on the totem
Yeah, boilin' over, pot full of yola
Mix it with the cola
Son of a block controlla
Can't let em fuck me over
Gotta keep my composure look