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  • Длительность: 02:15
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  • Дата релиза: 20.08.2021
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Jaden - Summer
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Jaden - Summer
Текст песни
Yeah, summer (And I'm sleaze)
Halictid, got 'em trippin' 'til I'm somber (Yeah, I'm 'bout that shit)
Got a show in Baha, more and it's a runner (Bought the mushrooms with me)
Yeah, it's raining, baby, this about to thunder
Had a drink but need another, cause it's summer (Wait, what?)

I got magic up my sleeve, like I'm Dumbledore
Little goodie, two shoes, let's get in trouble more
And we in a bungalow, the hotel got another floor (Another floor)
Puttin' towels on the doors 'cause it's summer (Yeah)
Kyle told me "Jaden, get back on your Philly ting" (Shouts out Philly)
If you ain't poppin' in the streets, then you ain't doin' shit
Rainbow diamonds in my teeth, so now I'm fluent with it (Rainbow drip)
And the Royce truck [?] up 'cause it's summer