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  • Длительность: 02:07
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  • Дата релиза: 29.10.2021
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Ab - Flow
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Ab - Flow
Текст песни
I decided I'ma kick the door if it keep getting closed
Fuck you know about me get it sleeping on the dirty floors
Cold as hell cause the heater out and got a runny nose
Winter months I'm posted in the hills tryna feel my toes
AB why you never talk about it you don't get it bro
I ain't tryna vent to you cause I know this the life I chose
Fuck you woulda did if you was me I don't think you know
People steady switching roles on me gotta let it go
Woulda gave yo ass my last it's funny how I seen you use me
Why you got that bitch gassed nigga she ain't shit but choosy
Beating on his chest about the bitch tryna save the coochie